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What does a Career Fair have to offer me?

Discover employment opportunities you may never know exist! Expand your network. Hone your interviewing skills. Learn more industry-specific information, gather information about companies. Collect business cards. Attend with friends (can't do that on a job interview!).

Do I need to talk with a "big-name" company to find my dream job?

Not necessarily. Your perfect career might be found within an organization you’ve never even considered. A career fair is a tremendous way to discover a new career or employment option, and you'll have a multitude of different companies to visit. Plus you can meet with them in an informal, yet professional environment. Doing this on your own would take days and a great expense of time and money, and you might miss that special company you just wouldn't have thought about.

How much does it cost to attend?

There's never a fee for applicants wishing to attend our events! Some event locations will require that you pay to park. We try, whenever possible, to find locations that do not.

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